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The following is a general summary of Shepard Law Offices’ legal fees and billing guidelines. We believe all our clients have the right to know at the beginning of our representation how fees for legal services are charged. This avoids misunderstandings and allows us to develop a strategy that is in your best interest. We make it our primary goal to provide you with high quality legal work and want you to be confident that you are getting the best legal representation for the cost involved. In that regard, we seek to represent your interests as efficiently and effectively as possible. As always at Shepard Law Offices, our clients' needs come first. Any of the information below can be discussed at your initial consultation and is open for review on a case by case basis.



Do you charge for initial consultations?


We charge a reduced fee for the first hour of consultation. Ms. Shepard’s initial consult rate is $200 up to the first hour. We will schedule one hour for your initial consult, however, we will only charge you for the amount of time we spend with you. After the first hour, our regular fees apply.


What types of fee arrangements does Shepard Law Offices use?


We commonly use two different types of fee arrangements: 1) hourly billing or 2) flat fee


Hourly Billing: For the majority of our cases, we bill by the hour for the amount of time spent on your case. Lynn Shepard charges $300 per hour. When hourly billing is used, we will typically charge a retainer fee when we begin the case. Our retainer fees vary depending on the specifics of each case, but are typically between $1,500 and $3,500. Our hourly rates are competitive with other law firms in the region and our flexibility in setting up feasible payment plans ensures that we are able to provide you with excellent representation and at the same time be sensitive to your financial situation.

Flat Fees: For cases that are charged a flat fee, this fee is set at the initial meeting and is based upon the facts disclosed at the initial meeting, the difficulty of the issues involved and our estimate of the time that will be required to provide the requested services.


What is a retainer fee?


A retainer fee is a fee deposit. Shepard Law Offices will hold the retainer fee in our client trust account. We will make withdrawals from this deposit to pay our fees as time is spent working on your case. You will be asked to make periodic payments to replenish the retainer.


Will I be responsible for costs and expenses?


Yes, clients are billed for costs and expenses paid to parties who provide services in connection with your case. For example, you would be responsible for fees to record documents, court filing fees, and fees for third party experts.


Will you provide me with a written explanation of the services to be provided and the fees to be charged?


Yes, at the beginning of each case we will provide you with a written retainer agreement that will define the scope of the services that we will deliver and the fee schedule we have agreed upon.


How will you bill me?


Our flat fee amounts and expectations of payment will be discussed with the client at the outset. For matters billed hourly, we will bill you on a periodic basis (typically, a monthly basis). The invoice will be itemized to include the dates of delivered services, a detailed description of the services provided and the time required for each service.


May a third party pay my fee?


On occasion, a family member or other third party will offer to pay the legal fee for a variety of reasons. We will accept payment from the family member or third party only with your consent and with the understanding that you are the client, we will protect your confidences and we will accept instructions only from you.


What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept payment by check, cash, and credit card. We accept most credit cards including VISA, Master Card and Discover. For established clients and upon mutual agreement, we offer a payment option through PayPal. Use of the PayPal option does not constitute an attorney/client relationship. An attorney/client relationship is established only upon agreed mutual consent. If you make a payment with PayPal, please be sure to include the client's name in comments field provided in the page for payment information review prior to submission.




If you are an existing client of Shepard Law Offices and have an outstanding balance or you would like to deposit money into a trust for a client, you can make a secure online payment here.

Please fill in the amount you wish to pay and include the account name (Last, First), , the invoice date and address with your payment submission.





Here you will find four very easy PDF forms to fill out, that will help us serve your needs. You may fill out these forms, print them out and fax them to us (541) 344-7487.


Client Information Form

We need each new client to provide this form with basic information. Please bring this completed form to your consult. Download Form Here


Divorce Questionnaire

For divorce cases, we will need a completed Confidential Divorce Questionnaire. Download Form Here


Custody Questionnaire

For divorce cases, we will need a completed Confidential Custody Questionnaire. Download Form Here


Uniform Support Declaration

If spousal support or child support is an issue, you must complete and file a document called a Uniform Support Declaration. Download Form Here



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