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Child Custody
& Parenting Time


  When you decide to separate or divorce, many decisions must be made that will have a significant impact on your children. In Oregon, child custody is based on the best interests of the child. If the two parties in a divorce cannot agree on a child custody arrangement, they will be ordered to mediation to try and resolve the issue.  If your child custody dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, or other negotiation, and a trial becomes necessary, then Shepard Law Offices is thoroughly familiar with Oregon State family law regarding parenting time and custody. With over 30 years experience, we have effectively represented hundreds of clients in divorces and other family law actions involving contested and agreed child custody cases.

Understanding the Law


  Oregon laws related to custody, parenting time and child support can be confusing and overwhelming.  We know and understand the law as written and as applied by the courts.  Our extensive experience before Oregon county judges provides instruction regarding when and where flexibility in the laws will be permitted and encouraged.  This allows us to effectively assist our clients in developing creative solutions to address the needs of their children.  Additionally, this results in a more successful settlement strategy and, when necessary, a more powerful trial presentation.

Minimizing Damage to the Children


  Children are the innocent casualties in a contentious divorce. We work with clients to minimize the damage done to the parent-child relationship while protecting the rights of our clients. Whenever possible, we encourage and attempt to facilitate an effective working relationship between our client and his or her former spouse.  Healthy post-divorce relationships between parents not only minimize the impact of divorce on the children but significantly reduces the adverse effects on the parents as well.


  For legal representation in a divorce or modification case involving children, contact Shepard Law Offices at (541) 485-3222 for an initial consultation about our legal services. Put your child custody and parenting time concerns into the hands of the experienced family law attorneys of Shepard Law Offices, P.C. and get the help you need today!